Scenographer and metalsmith. She graduated on Applied Arts from ENET N 6 Fernando Fader. Her training on jewelry took place both at Proffessor Garavaglia´studio and Sarquis´. She attended seminars by Ramón Puig Cuyás, Kransen Charon, Jiro Kamata and Sayumi Yokouchi

She found in set design a combination of all the arts. And in contemporary jewelry, a new dimension and language.

She lives and works in Buenos Aires, where she designs and makes theme collections.

She has been teaching contemporary jewelry at her studio "Km 0" . and at Prosam Foundation since 2002. She is also a teacher at University of Palermo.

She is a member of different contemporary jewelry collectives and shows her work in art galleries and museums in Argentina and abroad (Germany, Chile, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, USA)



Some exhibitions and awards

2016 Gioielli in Fermento.Gallery Reinstein/Ross.NY and SOFA Chicago.USA

2016 Joya-Barcelona Award Legacy Alliages.Barcelona Spain

2016 Joya : la inspiracion en el pasado. Museum of human Evolution. Spain

2016 Gioielli in Fermento. Italy

2016 Figurations. Joyeros Argentinos and Joya Brava. MAD Chile

2016 Permanent 2016 Alliages Lille. France

2016 The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2015

2015 A Dark Spark a ligth. Alliages Lille. France

2015 Beautiful People Live Art

2015 Beyond Textile, Sutilezas .Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez    Buenos Aires

2015 Figurations. Joyeros Argentinos. Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez .Bs. As.

2015 Beyond Textile Galería CONTEXT C/Viñolas, 1008173 Sant Cugat del Vallès (BCN)Spain

2014/13 Tiempo. Joyeros Argentinos. Arte y Parte Art Gallery. Bs. As., C. C. Malvinas Argentinas. La Plata, Argentina

2014 Beyond Textile Instituto Cervantes Netherlands

2014 Beyond Textile. Lalabeyou Gallery .Madrid

2014Concurso Nacional de Artesanías. Fondo Nacional de Las Artes .Casa de la Cultura B.A

2014 Beyond Textile Help u zelven, Winterswijk, Netherlands

2014 Beyond Textile Gallery CEBRA, Düsseldorf, Germany

2014 La Frontera .Art Gallery at Indiana University, Kokomo.

2013Tema Pendiente. CCEBA . Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013 Dialogui Incantati. Verona, Italy.

2013V Bienal de Artesanías de Buenos Aires. Museo de Arte Popular José Hernandez    Bs. As

2013 Concurso Nacional de Artesanías. Fondo Nacional de Las Artes .C. de la Cultura Bs. As

2013 La Frontera. Velvet da Vinci Art Gallery. San Francisco Usa.

2013 1 Muestra de Laca Japonesa aplicada a la joyería contemporánea. Museo de la Mujer.Bs. Las    Condes Chile.

2013 La Frontera. Museo Franz Mayer. Mexico DF.

2013 Fascino Tessile . Verona, Italy.

2012 Transformandonos. Museo de la Mujer. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2011 Iberjoya. Madrid, Spain.
2011 Cruzando fronteras: Del Textil a la Joya 2. FNA. Bs. As., Argentina. Textile Art Biennial. Mexico DF.
2010 Caleidoscopio. Joyeros Argentinos. Symposium Gray Area. Pladi Gallery. DF. Mexico

2010 Transformandonos. Arte y Parte Art Gallery. Bs. As., Argentina
2004/5 Latin American Bazaar. Tokyo, Japan.

2014 1st Mention Concurso Nacional de Artesanías. Fondo Nacional de Las Artes .Casa de la Cultura Bs. As
2011 1st Prize Acquisition Writing Contest and Crafts Heritage Collection of the City of Buenos Aires. IV Biennial of Buenos Aires. Crafts.

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